Shower screen glass

Frameless glass shower screens and enclosures are now a typical feature within many hotels and leisure centres, but also work equally well within domestic bathroom applications.

An all glass shower screens enclosure removes the design limitations present in a typical framed system. Visible ironmongery is reduced to an absolute minimum and by using clear acrylic seals you are left with a totally frameless shower enclosures / screen. Where possible, the channel required for a fixed screen would be set within the wall covering, always contact us in the stages of design to achieve the most frameless finish possible.

A shower screens glass lends itself particularly well to special applications, and systems can be designed to suit virtually any size of shower tray or bath. Par Glass London Ltd offers a bespoke service providing numerous options for finish and design.

bespoke glass shower screens

Types of fittings we use:

Hinges - Glass to Wall

chrome Chrome
brushed satin Brushed Satin
Offset Chrome Offset

Hinges - Glass to Glass

gg chrome Chrome
gg brushed Brushed Satin
gg bronze Bronze

Door Knobs

knob1 SDK-11
knob2 SDK-15
knob3 SDK-12

Door Handles

handle1 BM-8
handle2 MT-6
handle3 SD

Support Fixings

u-channel U-Channel
l-section L-Section
shower arm Shower Arm

* We offer plenty of more glass fixings with the entire range of different finishes and shapes.


Such interior design elements are frequently utilized in the case of hotels, holiday resorts, and spa centers, as they create the sense of coziness and stylishness. However, we are of the opinion that every single customer deserves true comfort in his or her house.

Therefore, we offer individuals interested in our services both commercial and individual bespoke shower screens glass solutions that can be also personalized and adjusted in order to meet highly specific needs of even the most picky consumers!

The discussed solution is predominantly chosen by individuals who want to get rid of old design techniques that assumed the utilization of instantly visible and notably thick frames around shower screens glass. They were considered intriguing and noteworthy solutions in the past, but now interior design is all about removing unnecessary limitations (even those visual ones) and creating the sense of almost a seamless transition between the consecutive decorative elements in a given room.

Our experts try to follow newest fashion trends as closely as possible and thanks to their creativity, we are capable of offering you constantly new design solutions that will perfectly complement your interior and make you enjoy your habitable space even more than before.

shower screens glass

Shower screens glass is remarkably durable and – on customer’s request – may be additionally tinted in order to ensure you more privacy in your bathroom. We are also able to prepare top class products for all kinds of rooms, regardless of their useful floor space available.

It does not matter if your bathroom is unusually small or exceptionally large – thanks to the utilization of custom-made glass panels, we can create true design masterpieces for you in any size and form! If you have an unordinary plan that you would like to execute with the support of skilled and talented professionals – do not hesitate to contact us, ask for a piece of advice, as well as order a toll-free detailed quotation, which will make it possible for you to specify whether or not you can afford the desired interior design-related solution.

Do not fret, though – at Par Glass, we value customer satisfaction over profit, so you can be sure that the presented price estimation will not be higher than ones you will be provided by competitive companies operating in the area!

Also, quotations offered to our regular and prospective clients incorporate professional advising, post-sales support, and the ability to contact our representatives at any time to obtain more information on installation, modification, and expansion of glass-based interior design elements.